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Video Camera Lens


About the owner/Technician

Andy started preserving film media in 2018. He found a love in reuniting people with long lost memories. Since he started he has digitized hundreds of hours of home videos, and even professional TV tapes for customers. From a parent seeing a video of her child before they were adopted by her, to old family slides that haven't been seen by the customer in 60 years, to people's high school concerts, and even audio recordings of choirs and orchestras thought to be lost in the ether, he has preserved it all. Andy cares about keeping memories alive for people. His pricing is very competitive, and he will work with you to find a price that will keep those memories accessible.

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We will do our best to find a price that works for you, the customer. Each transfer will be put onto a USB drive for you. Either you can supply the the USB, or we can for an additional $5. All media can also be stored on a non-internet connected hard drive, just in case you lose or break the USB drive, for no additional cost. We do not upload to the cloud.
With shipping customer materials, the customer will pay for the shipping both ways. We can either send all the film media back, or can dispose of it for a small additional fee.
We do our best to finish projects in a timely manner, and will communicate quickly with updates, concerns, or if anything needs clarification.

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